Stone Heater 6 Quart | Easy Temperature Control

Item No.: HSH6
6 Quart Stone Heater(240CN)
Holds up 40~50pcs massage stones. Automatic temperature control make it easy to keep a constant temperature,  so the hot stones are always at right temperature to use.

Holds up 40~50pcs massage stones. Automatic temperature control enables you to maintain a constant, even temperature so your stones are always ready for use. This is an ideal unit for the facial massage and body massage stone sets. CE and UL certificated.


6 Quart Capacity holds approximately 35 stones
Pre-set temperature settings
Silver Exterior
Large, cool-touch handles for safetyMicrocomputer temperature control, push-button to controlled the temperature.
Digital display shows current temperature and target temperature.
Celsius(℃) and Fahrenheit(°F) convertible.
The outer shell is made of stainless steel, and the lid is made from aluminium, which makes it long lasting, rust free.
Holds 6 quarts of water, capacity of 42 stones, removable water reservoir.


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