MingTeng 22 Pcs Mini Body Massage Stone Set

Item No.: H22TC
8 Large flat ovular basalt  (4 for back, 4 for thigh)
8 Medium flat ovular basalt  (4 for arm, 4 for calf)
4 Small flat ovular basalt  (forehead, head crown)
2 Miniature pressure point basalt

Product Description:

- 8 Large flat ovular basalt  ( 4 for back, 4 for thigh )
- 8 Medium flat ovular basalt  ( 4 for arm, 4 for calf )
- 4 Small flat ovular basalt  ( forehead, head crown )
- 2 Miniature pressure point basalt ( for the neck or backside )
Packed within a bamboo box  1 Set/box     
MOQ: 50 Boxes

Basalt rock is originally found deep within a volcano where it remains for hundreds of millions of years, gaining all of its natural properties. All Basalt is rich with iron and magnesium, which make this stone very effective in massage treatments. Basalt is excellent for holding heat for long periods of time and has very low radiation which makes this rock a much more healthy and beneficial stone for use. This, 22 pcs Mini Massage Stone Set is ideal for a hot stone massage. After heating the stones up to 55 ℃ (130°F), enwrap the stones with natural essential oils, and apply them onto your client's skin. It's suitable for a 45 minutes hot stone massage. This set is suitable for a massage including the head, face, neck, backside, arm, leg and feet. It will maximize your treatments and make your clients feel extremely comfortable.

Detailed Features:

More therapists will prefer to use our large flat-ovular-basalt for the thigh muscles instead of our medium sized ovular basalt stones.
The 22 pcs mini body massage stone set adds 2 more large falt ovular basalt stones and 2 pressure point stones
which are ideal for backside and neck massage, especially after a long day of using computers. It’s suitable for a 40 minutes full body massage.
The natural bamboo box is handmade to provide an efficient storage place for your stones.


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