Hi5 Waker Vibration Plate

Item No.: Waker
Vibration Massage Device
Vibration Plateform Machine
99 Levels of Vibration Intensity
Bluetooth Music

Luxurious Vibrating Experience
120 Levels of Vibration speed
Hi5 Waker Vibration Plate with Single Motor
Fat Burning丨 Calorie Consumption 丨Body Shaping 丨 Fitness Aiding

10 Minutes of Vibrating Can Consume 568 calories which equals
60mins of exercises    50mins of jogging   45mins of riding    
35mins of swimming   30mins of rope jumping

Smart Touch Screen
Easy to Operate

Wireless Remote Control 
makes it much easy to operate the device
The control is still sensitive within 2.5m.

Bluetooth Music
Vibrating while listening to the music perfectly adds the felicity.
Bluetooth Functtion Perfectly Combines Sports and Music 

3 Vibration Areas
For Different Vibration Experiences

Noise Reduction Tech, Vibrating in Quite 

The device selects the advanced motor with ultra low noise, which will
not disturb you and other people and give you a more comfortable experience.

0-20dB Noiseless 
≥30dB Whisper
50-60dB Talking in the meeting
65-70dB Tumultuous restaurant

99 levels of speed
Much Higher, Much Stronger

Attractive Balance Resistance Bands
The device is supplied with Balance Resistance Bands
Effectively helps to train your strength and balance.

Anti-slid rubber plate
It enhances the stability and safety

Multiple Postures 
For Peple with Different Body Shapes




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