Hi5 Sport Pro Fitness and Fatigue Relief Massage Gun

Item No.: Sport Pro
Product name: Hi5 Sport Pro Vibration Massage DeviceProduct
                        weight: around 800g/1.76lbs
Product size: 15.5x20.7x6.6cm/6.1"x8.14""x2.59”(massage
                      headnot included)
Intensity level: 5 levels adjustable

Hi5 Sport Pro Vibration Massage Device

Various Massage Intensity
25kg thrust, 12mm stroke and 5 levels of vibration intensity.

Ultra Long Run Time
The run time can last 6 hours under the relaxing mode.
lt can be used for around 36 days after it is fully charged.

Reliable Material
Quality Brushless Motor, Large Capaciy Lithium Battery.

Attractive Design
Ergonomic Curvy design,Chic and Exquisite.

Why do we suffer muscle soreness?
Abnormal short-term exercise or long-term bad postures
will cause the fascial tissue to be twisted and damaged,and nodules appear
when they stick together, causingmuscle soreness, stiffness, and even cramps.

Hi5 Sport Pro adopts automobile engine precision re-ciprocating piston design with long movement strokeand good reliability.
The rotating kinetic energy of thebrushless motor is efficiently converted into the impactforce of the massage head.
The impact amplitude of l2mm can reach the deep muscles and fascia, effectively relaxing the fascia.

5 Modes to Adjust
Fully Meets Your Requirement

The five modes are convenient for different people touse in different scenarios.
Whether it is professionalfitness or home relaxation, it can give you the mostsuitable intensity.
Level 5: Professional Mode forMuscle Training
Level 4: Sports Mode for VitalityActivation
Level 3: Body Shaping Mode forGood Figure
Level 2: Relaxing Mode for FatigueRelief
Level 1: Gentle Mode for BloodCirculation

25KG Thrust to Easily Get Muscle Relaxed
The 60W brushless motor brings strong thrust of 25kg.With a 12mm large stroke,
the force can be accuratelytransmitted to the deep muscles, eliminating sorenessand tightness.

IPX3 Protection
Sweat and Dust Proof
It can be used in more severe environments,
and the sweats will never seep into the device.

6 Hours of Run Time
Never worry A sudden stop
1800mAh large capacity of lithium battery can be used for around 6 hours
after being fully charged, and the standby time could last even for 1 month.

Suspension damping technologycomfortable and friendly to hands
Hi5 Sport Pro uses a suspension brushless motor design,
which effectively prevents the motor vibration from beingtransmitted to the handle.
The dual-bearing transmission makes the transmission smoother without resistance and more comfortable to hold.

800G Lightweight
Easy to Carry
Hi5 Sport Pro is 800g only, and it can be carried easilyin the bag
which enables it to be used anytime andanywhere.

Massage with 45dB Only
Relieves fatigue without disturbing others
45dB only in the gentle mode, and 54dB only in the professional mode.
No worry that you will disturbothers.

L Shape Design
Matches the Curve of the handlt can be easily held even with high thrust.
L shape design makes the center of gravity muchcloser to the massage head,
which requires less gripping force during use and makes the gripmore comfortable.

lnterchangeable Massage Heads
For Different Massage Areas
The soft head attachments in varying sizes andshapes meet different needs,
avoid injuries tospine and bone during vibration and increase thecomfort of the massage.

Flat head is applied to massage the small muscle group
U-shape is applied to massagethe muscle surrounding the neckand spine.
Round head is applied to massage the largemuscle group such asarms, waist, and thighs.
Cylindrical head is applied tomassage the palm and sole.

Sweat Proof Button
ABS Material, Cozy Touching

L-shape Design
Easy to Hold

Product name:Hi5 Sport Pro vibration Massage Device
Product weight: around 800g/1.76llbs
Product size: 15.5x20.7x6.Bcm6.1"8.14""×x2.59” (massage headnot included )
lntensity level: 5levels adjustableMaterial: ABS
Max stroke: around 10mm/0.39"
Rated speed: 1500-2900rpm
Battery capacity: 180DmAhPower input: 16.BV/1A
Run time: around 3 hours
Rated voltage: 110-240V.50/60Hz


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