H1 Deluxe Headband Massager Neck Massager

Item No.: H1 Deluxe
H1 is  the smallest size, lightest weight, most fashionable design head massger.  H1 Headband Massager can improve Your Sleep & Stress Relief, it can relieve chronic headaches and migrains,it can effectively relieve head fatigue, and dredge meridians.
                                                    H1 Deluxe Hairband Headband Massager
                                                         Ergonomic Design; Point Vibrating Massage Heads; LCD Screen Display
                                           Smart App Control,  Smart Voice Broadcast; Multiple Ways of Wearing

                                                              Ergomic Design, Smallest Design, 120G Lighter than Iphone
                                                           China Design Patent & China Utility Patent
                                                             USA Design Patent & USA Utility Patent

Forehead;Top of Head; Middle of Head; Back Head; Neck; Thigh; you can adjust the way of wearing to massage any position you want 

                                           11 Independant Vibration Motor Massage Heads Stimulate Shiatsu Massage
                                        Promote scalp blood circulation;Stimulate acupoints on head

                                              5 Vibration Massage Modes; 3 Level of Speed Adjustment


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