Gymlane Portable Massage Chair | Folding Massage Chair Aluminum Frame

Item No.: Gymlane
Folds compactly, super storable
Aircraft grade aluminum frame
Adjustable front part, chest pad, arm rest, face cradle and seat.
Loading capacity: 450lbs/204kg
Net weight: 28.6lbs/13kg

Gymlane - Our newest Modern Portable Massage Chair features the most advanced ergonomically designed elements that is not merely a great price, but still comes complete with all functional components. The newer design has been improved with thicker cushioning, replaceable pads, and a sleek new end plate. It is now more comfortable and functional than ever. The telescoping legs adjust to the therapist's height and needs.

The small container on the chair is capable of holding essential oils for therapists in training or in the field. The incredible lightweight design and oil resistant Gymlane chair is comfortable for long lasting massages and endless service it will provide to its future owner.

Frame: High Quality Materials to ensure durability and safety-Double Layer System with Strong Aircraft grade Aluminum Frame

Flexibility: Seat, Head, Chest and Arm &More Folds Compactly; has Removable Leg and Seat pads. Detachable leg parts are suitable for individuals with knee pain or difficulty bending their knees. 

Aroma Container: Holding Essential Oil

Ergonomic design: Telescoping legs adjust to therapist's height alignment and comfort
Higher Density Foam: Exclusive Small Cell Foam & PU Upholstery with denim-like reinforcement backing for extra durability

Sturdy & Durable Material: Aircraft grade aluminum frame accommodates  maximum weight capacity of up to 600 pounds

Carrying Case: Super-portable and Storable for carrying; comes with Luggage Style Carry Case with Wheels

Packing Include: Gymlane portable massage chair,  Sternum pad, Super-portable Luggage Style Carry Case with Wheels.


Key Features:


  • Aroma Container: Holding Essential Oil
  • Light Weight yet Strong-Light but Tremendously Strong Air craft Aluminum Fame
  • Infinitely Adjustable- Seat, Head, Chest and Arm
  • More Folds Compactly-Removable Leg and Seat pads
  • Super-portable and Storable for carrying-With Luggage Style Carry Case with Wheels
  • High Quality Materials to ensure durability and safety-Double Layer System with Strong Aircraft grade Aluminum Frame


Chair Specifications:

Size: 31” /78.7cmx 19”/48cm x 42”/106.7cm (L x W x H)
Folding Size: 31”/78.7cmx 19”/48.2cmx 15”/38cm(L x W x H)
Adjustable: Height: 42”/106.7cm to 51”/129.5cm (Highest)

Foam: Chest and Leg Pad: 2.75” Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam™

            Seat Foam: 2” Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam™

Weight: 28lbs/12.7kg(Chair Only)
Working capacity: 600lbs/272kg


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