GoodWill-Flat Powerlift Electric Luxury SPA Salon Bed Walnut

Item No.: DGF(3)
GoodWill Spa Bed Series can be used for beauty, massage and salon use. 7.5"/19CM ElevaFlex™ Padding System ensures softness, supporting,peaceful massage environment. Powerlift Height Adjusting, Powerlift Liftback and Legrest adjusting.
GoodWill-Deluxe Powerlift Electric Luxury SPA Facial Salon Bed
Goodwill electric bed can be used as acupressure bed, beauty bed, physiotherapy bed, back rubbing bed, etc.,
and can be widely used in foot bath shops, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals, baths and other places.
With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for quality of life is getting higher and higher.
People often go to places like foot baths, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals and baths to relax themselves.
After a long day at work, many people want to lie down and relax, and the demand for massage tables is increasing.
With the steel structure, the overall shape of Goodwill is light and flexible. 
It has strong malleability and can be customized according to market demand and customer requirements of various functional modules.


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